Wilsey Tool Company has joined the ARCH family of companies within ARCH Medical Solutions – Lehigh Valley. Our new structure will broaden our offerings to our customers and enhance our reputation for quality. Wilsey will conduct business as ARCH – Quakertown.

Wilsey Advantage

Wilsey brings a wealth of experience, technological capabilities and intimate industry knowledge to the table on behalf of the customer. This translates into a distinct product evolution path that we term “The Wilsey Advantage”.


Our customers understand the needs of the marketplace and specifically the performance success of a unique application. That understanding doesn’t always translate into a cost effective, manufacturable product. This is where Wilsey can step in and work in partnership with a customer’s specific criteria and design a suitable model.


Here again our customers know the exact requirements of a successful device, and Wilsey can produce the limited quantities necessary to prove out the technology and the end use application. In this stage, if slight modifications need to be made Wilsey can accommodate the changes and move swiftly. Oftentimes this iterative process is essential to both the effectiveness of the product application and future manufacturablity.

Pilot Scale Production

Once the design is locked and approved, Wilsey can run small to medium size lots to further evaluate the effectiveness in that specific application and generate the demand. It is during this stage that Wilsey is essential to the longterm success and competitiveness of the device. Wilsey is able to bring their experience and technology together to refine, optimize and streamline a given product’s manufacturability.

Commercial Launch

Wilsey has the equipment and process engineering skills to achieve cost effective scaled production, with unmatched quality and under rigid time constraints. This final leg of a product’s evolution is often where other companies stumble and lose control. This stage is where Wilsey shines and delivers a truly well engineered product.

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